About Us

The concept to create a specific website to sell, buy, or give away (free items) was based on several factors:

Frustration navigating other selling sites to find home renovation materials amongst the plethora of cars, furniture, and truthfully, crap

• The growing market for many people needing economical materials for their own projects

Gain some income and/or recover costs by posting leftover materials or working appliances replaced by new ones

• Help reduce waste by not land filling materials

Philanthropy by helping others with their projects

After many years of working renovation construction and renovating my own homes, I was surprised how much waste is generated. Friends handling their own renovation projects wanted to avoid high costs and find economical alternatives to big box purchases. Many wanted to get rid old toilets, fixtures, appliances, left over lumber, tile, etc.

The option to post items for free helps clear out your garage, yard, shed, or barn, while helping others reduce their renovation costs.

Our hope people will use and respect this site for the same reasons we created it. Please share!